So you are looking for a house in Orleans and need some insights on how it is like living in this suburb. How does the cost of living compare with other Canadian towns? Is it safe? We will address your pressing questions below.

The Cost of Living in Orleans, Ottawa

Safe and clean, Orleans has an affordable code of living. It can be above average depending on the exact location you want to rent an apartment. While the best apartments range from $700 to $1400 per month, it is possible to find cheaper housing due to a huge population of university students. This is dependent on the number of people living there and your preference. Electricity, internet, and other household utilities are usually included in the total rent amount.

Eating Out in Orleans

Food cafes and restaurants cater to just any budget, dietary needs, and preference. But dining can be more expensive than homemade meals. Tipping in restaurants is a common practice for good service. Fans of Italian cuisines flock Little Italy for savory delights. The local cuisines such as Canadian fries, poutine, gravy, and cheese curds are worth a try. Takeaways are affordable and delicious.


This is a major concern, especially for international students living in Orleans. The city of Ottawa is renowned for safety. Orleans is a peaceful suburb and one of the most secure areas in Ottawa. Parents should be at peace, knowing that their school-going kids are safe. Crime has never been a big issue.


While not famous with nightclubs and partying, you can have fun in a relaxed environment in Orleans. Most people meet in pubs in the evening after the job. If you prefer more adventurous activities, you can visit central Ottawa on the weekend.

Accessibility to the City

Orleans combines beauty with transport access. You will be glad to know that there’s a highway leading to downtown. Traffic jams are very rare on the roads, unlike in most urban areas. You can get to the city in around 30 minutes even during a rush hour. Neighborhoods are accessible through metro services with a standard fare of about 3.50. Major residential areas have a bus route nearby running throughout the day. Most bus lines provide services up to midnight. Drivers keep right on the road and are generally polite. Orleans is bike-friendly as many roads have bike lanes. If you love cycling, traffic-free commutes will let you enjoy a healthy lifestyle. You may skate, jog, or cycle any hour of the day.

Quality of Life

Orleans has a reputation of a laid back community, family-oriented setting, and quietness. The people are more reserved and prefer sports to nightlife. That’s why the crime rate is a bit low. While getting a family doctor is not easy when you first arrive, healthcare is high-quality. Walk-in medical centers are open for patients who need urgent attention.

Orleans is a big area in the city of Ottawa with various subdivisions, a famous shopping mall, high schools, and residential establishments. While it is suburban in nature, residents get to enjoy a beach parkland and Petrie Island. As far as nightlife is concerned, don’t expect much but owning a car is a requirement. This is a popular tourist destination for those looking to learn the cultural heritage of Canadians. While providing amenities for a big metropolis population, the place is secure and peaceful.